Once I met a person whose job title is was "Executive Vice President & Futurist".  As far as I can tell his primary responsibility was to fly to MIT, Frauenhofer Institute and other notable engineering schools to listen to boring lectures and speculate on the future with academics at expensive restaurants and cocktail parties.  How … Continue reading Futurist


In your chair of deep comfort Those tan legs crossed Your foot bouncing in little girl anxiety How much longer will you wait? I stare at you unmoved by the storm on the Surface Yes, you will come for me But I don't know when You cannot hold my stare Or have your way this … Continue reading

Internet Radio Fairness Act

Caught this story (h/t Instapundit).  Whenever legislation has the word "fairness" in it, you can be sure some corrupt corporation, constituency, or cause is getting their payoff.  The odd part is who will suffer should it pass.  Why it is the big money musicians, the same people who have overwhelming supported big government candidates.  Now … Continue reading Internet Radio Fairness Act

Fabian Pascal

The great Fabian Pascal has brought Database Debunkings back to life.  Fabian has relentlessly hammered the gypsy caravan of idiot enthusiasts who continue to propose failed solutions to problems that were solved long ago.  If you have ever been the target of his ridicule you may not be so thrilled.  He doesn't pull a punch.

Nanotech Building Blocks

Utterly fascinating, a generalised approach to building proteins.  This quote caught my attention: … Baker’s proteins are in a sense “platonic ideals”, he says: simple backbone constructs with every amino acid optimized to fold into the prescribed, stable structure. In this way they differ from natural proteins, whose folded structures represent a compromise between the … Continue reading Nanotech Building Blocks