Pyschopathic Predilections

Good Article here, a lot of buzz around the book.  If psychopathic behaviour is increasing then there must be incentives driving it forward.  Rarely do humans do anything without incentives or disincentives.  You get what you tolerate in culture.  You never eliminate undesirable actions but you can drive the behaviour underground. I would guess with the right (dis)incentives those on the edge would opt out.  The truly hard psychopath could not.  Interesting comment on the article:

Let’s see: today’s teenagers and young adults are the children of parents who grew up in the narcissistic 1980s and are the grandchildren of the babyboomers (otherwise known as the Worst Generation Ever).

And we’re surprised that there’s a rise in psychopathic behavior?  As another poster already said: it’s all about parenting.

Indeed, the “me generation” suck as parents; they also suck as world leaders, CEOs, and Wall Street executives.  The generation that came of age raging against their parents materialism, doing drugs, became the most insatiably materialistic, self-serving, sanctimonious generation since the sons and daughters of the US civil war veterans. Please retire after you collapse the world economy so we can get busy cleaning up.


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