Annoying Prig & Corporate Tool Shakes Fist at Politician, Clichés Erupt

Stumbled across this editorial by the dim bulb Tom Morello.  It is really a poorly written editorial, consisting almost exclusively of buzzwords, hackneyed phrases and ipsedixitisms.  He has thrived and made millions through one of the most ruthless corporate machines there is, the music industry.  If he had any integrity at all, his band would have remained independent, sold their records from stage and their own web site and donated the proceeds to their favourite leftist causes, Peletier, Zapitistas, etc.  Tom would like to invite everyone to download his band’s music via bit torrent to avoid feeding another dime to the 1% in the music industry.  People have the right to be enlightened by Zack de la Rocha’s insights.  Please use this handy link.

(Update:  accidentally put bold on the font for 3/4 of the post so I have removed that)


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