Human Sexuality

Our sexuality is exceedingly complex.  Homosexuality is not easily explained.  But I wonder if our sexuality is like learning to speak a language.  It happens to us before we are aware and while we can learn to speak another language our first one is buried deep in our psychology and not easily eliminated.  We  are all aware of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change both its physical structure and functional organization.  I can’t help but wonder if one could slide themselves along the spectrum between heterosexual and homosexual in stages of attraction. Begin with the most tolerable, borderline state of attraction and via habituation, fantasy, and visualization move oneself along the continuum from one side to the other and back.  What would be the long term impact psychologically?  If you headed down the continuum and returned would you be hopelessly confused?

Many people are completely invested in their current sexual role and would find this kind of self experimentation repulsive, immoral, outrageous or offensive.  To do it would require enormous confidence and a desire to pursue the truth.  If one person did it it would be an anecdote.  If you tried to do an actual study you would need a random sample and that would not be possible.


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