On Writing Poetry

When I started this blog I set a goal of writing and posting a new poem every 3 days.  I also decided not to make them long so they could be read in a relatively short period of time (I may violate this from time to time).  I am at a slightly faster pace but that is because human activity occurs in bursts.  There is nothing regular about it, whether that activity is business income, network traffic or automobile traffic.  No doubt it will slow down and eventually I will have nothing for weeks.

The next challenge I am going to set is to write lyric poetry, some sonnets and try to avoid the staleness of rhyming.  Rhyme poetry was grievously injured by bad reading where the emphasis was on verbally marking each rhyme as opposed to just reading the line.  Along with that I will also try to write more romantic poetry which was always difficult for me to do.  The opening poem in this blog was sort of the start.  That one came all at once was done in under two minutes.  I will still post free verse.  Of course, this additional direction could be a complete disaster but that is what you risk.


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