Caught this web site when he stopped by mine.  It some ways it reminds me of Jonathan Toth of Hoth which someone sent to me after a drunken tour of Youtube’s more obscure low volume listens.  Totally different sounds and levels of popular awareness but what they share in common are intelligent lyrics. Rather rare in hip-hop which is dominated by the likes of Jay-Z who has nothing to say which he never tires of saying with a nice beat and light show.  I have 99 problems but ethics ain’t one.  Actually that is unfair because he is a great businessman and promoter who grew up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY, which means he’s a moral colossus, just ask Lance “Un” Rivera. As Balzac observed, “Le secret des grandes fortunes sans cause apparente est un crime oublié, parce qu’il a été proprement fait.”

Hip Hop has the same rhythmic rhyming schemes which you either like or head for the nearest exit.  In that way it is not at all unlike a strict form like a sonnet.  It’s hard to be creative and interesting in a 8 X 8 prison cell so it’s nice when you find it.


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