When I was 8
The hippies showed up
In all their hippy garb
Calling for peace and 
promising love.
Flower children shine so bright
There went Vicky and Karen
Smiling like the devil pinched
their faces.
"On a high now!"
"On a hi now" I answered.
And they laughed at me
I did not know why.
Words spell themselves
By what you know
In your child's mind.

When I was 9
I would sneak up to the 
Railroad tracks to throw rocks
through open doors on box cars.
Two run-away hippies
offered me acid to expand my mind
and open The Doors of Perception
But all they did was scare me.
I thought it was candy.

When I was 10
I wished the yellow stripe
on the road was a dragon's tail
And all I had to do was grab hold
And it would take me far away
Where real adventure lay.

In two years adventure began
We were shotgunning beers
Chasing girls and
Someone dropped peyote in my coke
And called me lucky.
We carried knives that we could
Hide along side our wallets
To keep from being jumped
by thrill seeking
Middle class thugs.
I only tried to stab
Those kids who wanted
My lunch money. 
I missed; they ran; but 
They left me alone.
The school bathroom was the most
Dangerous place on earth.
No teacher would go in.
Others who did not fear death found it.
One jumped from the bridge into the train
One hit on his bike by the drunk
One dropped acid and never came back
One shot in revenge for rape.

When I was fifteen the peace was gone
The free love was gone,
But we had the drugs.
Coke, weed, black tar, acid, bird eggs,
Quaaludes, shrooms, lovely, PCP
Of that we had plenty
A thrill seekers field of abundance
An experiential harvest of lies
I thought I would be dead by 17
I wanted to be dead by 17
But I'm here now
Happy my children don't know this world

Where are the hippies?
Still on a high now
They run everything now
They run everything
Into the ground now
They ruin everything now
With their Utopian schemes
Materialist dreams, and legions
Of followers.

I am a fiction
But if you really knew me
If you had been there
You'd know, maybe shake your head
Because every word is true.

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