Few and Deep or Shallow and Broad

One’s preferences in social networks is looked at in this study.  One advantage to shallow and broad is that you can put a call for help career, contacts etc.  out to your social network.  A certain number of people will step up to help you particularly if you are rich, famous, or admired.  This is human nature.  They will help you because they think it may help them later or that it will obligate you to them in some way.  This only works on principled people.  Those who are ruthless narcissists, solipsists or psychopaths will have no problem using others and sleeping well at night.  The funny part (in my experience) those most likely to want obligate you (or own you) in some way are those most likely to seek out the ruthless.  The rules of power dictate that you endeavor to owe no one anything while placing many in your obligation.   Easier said, of course, then actually put into practice.


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