New Climate Models Forecast Warmer Wet Weather for NE


A new high-resolution climate study, the first to apply regional climate models to examine likely near-term changes in temperature and precipitation across the Northeast United States, suggests temperatures are going to be significantly warmer in all seasons in the next 30 years, especially in winter. Also, they project that winters will be wetter, with more rain likely than snow.


While models do improve over time, they by their very nature, leave out information.  The only climate models with any forecast accuracy are the 2-3 days models and last I checked they run around 60% accurate.   The longer term models have performed dismally.  One should not stop building models but neither should one make drastic changes in policy given the forecasting track record.  Unfortunately, politicians seize on various forecasts that support their world view to seize power.  And that’s a forecast whose accuracy approaches 100% whether the forecast came from the high priest or high science.


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