Ignorant Frauds

I used to respect journalists until I became an expert in a field and saw how many errors the trade press made. The part that makes me laugh out loud is just how serious journalists take themselves. They have long ago stopped reporting and now “explain events” to people. Look at the talking heads on any US network, whether Fox News, Bloomberg, MSNBC, NBC etc. they tell wonderful stories about what it means, why it happened, and what you should do next. Their explanations and advice cost them nothing unless they follow it themselves. And not only are they tiresomely arrogant and self-absorbed they are frequently, hypocritical, propagandizing, and persistent errorists. Let’s take two recent examples, Howard Kurtz and Mark Shields on gun control. Remember these are people who think of themselves as your betters.

First Kurtz:

At other times there are classic regulatory questions: Should Jared Loughner have been able to obtain 30 rounds of ammunition to kill six people and wound Gabby Giffords, or should there be limits on high-magazine clips?(emphasis added) Should background checks be required for purchasers at gun shows?

High-magazine clips, apparently he doesn’t even know check himself with google.  At this point that only returns links to people laughing at his stupidity.

Mark Shields was on PBS and he said the following:

And the question about — is not whether somebody stands for or against this, whether you even bring it up. And the reality is that in the United States of America in 2012, it’s easier in many states to rent an automobile — to buy an automatic weapon than it is to rent an automobile. It’s more demanding.

Bwahahahaha, really? I guess it would take me six months to get a rental after the requisite background check.

Now there are really good rhetorical arguments for aggressive gun control but very few dialectic ones. What we are witnessing could be an availability cascade in its infancy.


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