Richard Branson’s Top Five Tips for Starting A Business

Richard Branson posted an article at Linked In that is very short and to the point.  He lists just five.  Here is a thought experiment.  If 3,000,000 people follow this advice faithfully how many will become as wealthy as Richard Branson?  I would guess maybe 1 or 2.  The rest would disappear into obscurity.  If those 1 or 2 were interviewed they just might say, “I would have never made it this far if it wasn’t for good ole’ Sir Richard.”

I would add to his five a sixth suggestion that said if you want to get really wealthy be born lucky.  There is a large element of luck.  We don’t want to believe it.  We want to take the credit but there can be only one richest man in the world.   There are only so many billionaires.  The 1% is after all the 1%.  We live better than any ancient king but how many will be born one? If luck and randomness wasn’t involved then we would see a lot more results from imitating the behaviour of wealthy people.  That can only get you so far.  To really blow it out you need some luck but if you make it into the richest of the rich, just remember it was all skill.  It was all you.



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