Genetically Modified Salmon

They have cleared the FDA and will be headed to market. I am not a Luddite but this makes me raise an eyebrow.

In its assessment, the FDA said the likelihood that the altered fish could escape containment and reproduce in the wild is “extremely remote.”

What could go wrong?  It’s a fairly safe prediction that in a few short years they will be intermingling with wild stocks.  At a minimum, they should be labeled.  That way people can decide for themselves whether they want to accept the risk.  I am sure they will push back against labeling because, well, it might hurt sales.  Much of nature is optimized to survive in an unstable environment.  Species restricted to highly specialized ecosystems risk extinction under an insult to that ecosystem.  As they modify the wild species via engineering the impact on public health cannot be easily known.  Modern whole grain wheat has a glycemic index exceeding some candy bars and may be contributing factor to excess weight gain some believe. I remain skeptical since the evidence is not overwhelming.  “Moderation in all things” the Victorians preached and it still applies.



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