Aristocracy & Society

There is an article by Taki Theodoracopulos titled Carousing with Former People about the remnants of Russian aristocrats.  I think it’s easy to read the article and see the aristocracy as a quaint relic of the past not particularly useful to which I would respond to what have they been replaced with?  Were the abuses of the landed gentry any greater than those of the popular revolutionaries? Are they any worse than the actions of a modern EU technocrat, a oppressively arrogant leech upon society, who by virtue of a set of credentials sees himself as your better.  I would rather live in a liberal monarchy than an elected tyranny.  There are no perfect forms of government.  Neither the public sector nor the private sector is morally superior.

I have many friends who think that the answer to any social ills in the private sector is more government over site.  But no one can tell me where these moral colossuses are going to come from.  The ambitious who are attracted to government suffer all the same problems and temptations as the ambitious do in the private sector.  The greedy we have everywhere whether the greed is for wealth, power, food or sex.  The big difference is when someone makes a terrible mistake in the private sector some segment of the population suffers.  When the government makes a terrible mistake all the people suffer.  A private sector failure may cause momentary suffering and the business disappears.  Not so a government, elected or otherwise.  It will just continue to bleed the people year after year increasing suffering until it ends — and that usually means violently.  Even in the democratic West, elections cannot guarantee good governance.   As the intellectual Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn pointed out in a modern liberal democracy you ultimately only get Santa Claus parties who both promise the moon to get elected.  In the United States today we a Santa Claus in Chief who has demonstrated himself to be uniquely ignorant of basic economics, even worse than his predecessor.  He seems little interested in actual governance but fully committed to smashing his opposition.   In fact the politicians from both major Santa Claus parties have to be the worst America has ever produced.  It shouldn’t come as any surprise, however, one need only live here or watch television to understand how that is possible.  I love this expression, “low information voter” what a great set of weasels words for profoundly ignorant people.  I wish my country had a voters exam.  If you couldn’t demonstrate sufficient understanding of the US form of government, you couldn’t vote. That will never happen because of what occurred in the Southern States and their state sponsored racism.

I had a close friend, a German aristocrat, who died young from a heart attack.  He would speak fondly of bringing back the Kaiser to lead a liberal monarchy, where the aristocrats were raised and educated again in statesmanship, to look out for the best long term interests of the German people whose time horizon was a better world for their descendents. An idealized and vain fantasy?  Perhaps, but no more so than the drooling yokels who saw President Obama as some kind of messiah as opposed the economic wrecking ball, Chicago machine politician he actually is.  Good governance is a blessing depending upon noble, moral people, not something inherent in any class or system of government.


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