Aristocracy & Society

There is an article by Taki Theodoracopulos titled Carousing with Former People about the remnants of Russian aristocrats.  I think it's easy to read the article and see the aristocracy as a quaint relic of the past not particularly useful to which I would respond to what have they been replaced with?  Were the abuses of the … Continue reading Aristocracy & Society


Chivalry was in the fridge taking my last beer. He's gained weight like a 4-H blue ribbon winner He hasn't shaved in days Don't ask him why He'll just say, "What do you expect from an allegory?" Then he'll turn back to watching Toddlers & Tiaras or Bridezilla. But if you press him like I … Continue reading

Walking back from the shadow Takes half the distance to eternity The eyes, black plates of fatigue Can see but no longer focus Ears like steel platters Will vibrate from sound waves But not listen Movement continues The purpose long forgotten Not a soulless corpse But human life Unique to this time Chained to this … Continue reading

The wood is carefully stacked It's waiting to be burned To give warmth to a room. But the winters are warm The snow is not willing to come So the wood sits in the rain Under the shade of Evergreen's pride Rotting Until worthless Crumbling Until powder Yearning for the cold.

They faded into the mirage of a forgotten desert horizon What is left behind are no longer moods or tender expressions They are pale distortions of light dancing off the Imperfect mirror, Shifting and becoming Creatures of different ages and thoughts; Creatures breathing stale dreams of lonely days Unchanged since I was one of them. … Continue reading

Media Whores and the Cult of Personality

Have you ever wondered what percentage of musicians and actors began practicing their craft because they wanted to meet members of the opposite sex or they craved fame and adulation?  One is probably safe in saying that it exceeds 60%.  For the last twenty-five years and perhaps longer artists try to be bigger than their … Continue reading Media Whores and the Cult of Personality