You’re Going to Hell?

Over at Opinionated Man he has a brief comment about those telling you you are going to hell and their own certainty.  I commented and he politely replied.  I know exactly what he is talking about. I once ran into a 19 year old "street preacher" on a university campus, shouting "you fornicators, you generation of … Continue reading You’re Going to Hell?


Who Represents You?

Those who rule and their supporters are disconnected from the people. They mock and ridicule those who disagree with them. It's not healthy. I am fundamentally libertarian in my outlook and long ago realized that both major political parties are aligned against the people. This article from Professor Codevilla points this out and predicts the … Continue reading Who Represents You?

NY Times Mag on Napoleon Chagnon

This article on Napoleon Chagnon is just fascinating. And not because of Napoleon Chagnon. It is in fact a tale revealing the bitter, psychological savagery of post moderns, whose thought, anchored as it is to nothing but the strange predilections of their own mind, drives their behaviour in contemptible ways. Everyone wants to sit in … Continue reading NY Times Mag on Napoleon Chagnon

I was a gone a lifetime Climbing the tower of lights The sun was dripping slowly through The crack in the night sky And I wanted to fill my glass But when I arrived The breath of eternity Cooled my face Watered my eyes And I dropped my glass I was transfixed Watching it fall … Continue reading