Attention and Time

The most precious commodity on earth is your time and the length of that time is limited.  None of us know when but we all know we are going to die.  Within our numbered days we sleep for part of the time.  During our waking hours our attention is limited.  How we choose to direct our attention is important.

When I first started this blog it was because I had lots of interests and opinions on various subjects.  I also enjoyed writing poetry and started looking for other poets in the blogosphere.  I had a suspicion that there was a lot of talent and I was correct.   50 years ago, a lot of talented writers simply went to the grave unread and unnoticed because they could not get past the gatekeepers in publishing.   With self-publishing, people are bypassing the gatekeepers.  It’s net positive.

We all have a lot of choices.  It’s wonderful.  Now if people stop by and either genuinely “Like” or disingenuously “Like” your work you will get a nice dopamine kick to the head.  Some people do it because they really like your work.  Some do it because they are whoring for more followers themselves.  Your brain doesn’t care.  It will give you the dopamine either way unless you are bitterly cynical and paranoid.  “Oh, sure they ‘like” my work, the liars!”

But the mere fact they stopped by and gave you a slice of their attention, something which finite, is a compliment.  So if you stopped by here, irrespective of your reasons, thank you.


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