Incurvatus in se

Being down with the flu, the real kind,  for over a week reminds you of your own mortality.  We tend to live as if we will live forever.  We all know we are going to die, we grow up witnessing it but at the same time death is what happens to the other guy.  We make our big plans, do our quotidian tasks, and chase after the superficial.  We are the center and all things turn back to us.  We cannot escape it.  We want to do well so people recognize our contribution.  We want our children to do well because if they don’t it reflects poorly on us.  A failed project is not horrible because of failure per se, but because it embarrasses our superiors.  The best among us cannot escape the me focus.  It is our nature.  Most are familiar with the expression, “One foot in the grave” for the person who is near death.  I think we have that exactly backwards.  Turn on the news, look at every car accident, robbery, murder, fall at home, or “wrong place at the wrong time” event.  We have one foot in life the rest of us is standing in a hole just waiting for the dirt to hit us in the face.  For all the getting in this life we devote ourselves to, we should get gratitude for the time we have and those that we are able to love and love us.


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