Sociology Linked to Delusion and Fraud

That sociology is to science what quackery is to medicine should come as no surprise.  Here is one  data point in what has become all too common from both sides of the political spectrum (although I will say it appears more from the left simply because they dominate academia and especially the social sciences.)  I love the headline, “Suicide Risk Linked to Rates of Gun Ownership, Political Conservatism” note that it says linked not causes which means it is simply slandering a group.  Most of what passes for science from sociologists is nothing more than confirmation bias on public display.  Press releases like this one are propaganda dressed like science.  I could not in good conscience release a study like this unless I was mentally ill or a complete idiot.  There are, of course, the outright frauds like this guy.  The difference between him and other “social scientists” is he knew he was a fraud.  Sociology is nothing more than elaborate story telling, dressed up in statistics to give that patina of scientific respectability.  Anyone is capable of doing it.  You only need some data, a stat package and dogmatic beliefs you want confirmed.

Like Professor Augustine J. Kposowa let me put forth some alternate headlines which link suicide rates to some factor or another.

  • “Suicide Risk Linked to Climate Change, Political Conservatism”
  • “Suicide Risk Linked to Re-election of President Obama, Political Conservatism”
  • “Suicide Risk Linked to Loss of Economic Freedom & Increased Regulation”
  • “Suicide Risk Linked to Rates of Gun Ownership and Meth Production.”
  • “Suicide Risk Linked to Rates of Car Ownership, Listening to Glenn Beck.”
  • “Suicide Risk Linked to Rates of Newspaper Subscriptions, Listening to Nightly News.”

See how easy that is?  Look mom I’m a sociologist. Where’s my PhD?


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