Amateur Pursuits

A great blog post on the importance of creative pursuits as their own end (h/t the shape of everything).  She states the following:

There are plenty of reasons to engage in creative activity that has no possibility of being professionalized and won’t receive external validation. We paint because it’s therapeutic. We paint because it gives us new perspectives on the world around us. We paint because the act of creating is just as important as the creation. We paint because, god forbid, it’s fun, which is its own justification.

We all remember a time when we understood that intuitively. We were probably six or seven. We were encouraged to draw, to paint, to sing, to build things out of other things, and it never occurred to us that being good at any of it was relevant.

I never met a person, who when pressed, wasn’t a crypto artist, artisan, poet, writer or actor.  One of the reasons we don’t admit it is because it could impact our ability to make a living.  In the domain of business reputation is important and frankly there are those who would laugh and consider you “not serious” because of artistic pursuits.

Regardless, it’s a nice post read the whole thing.


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