The Publically Disgraced No Longer Retire to Private Life

In Joseph Conrad’s novel Lord Jim , a young man redeems himself for his cowardice and disgrace through service on a remote settlement.  Today, the publicly disgraced stay in the public arena running for Congress where they can get superior healthcare, multimillion dollar retirement (after serving a single term) and millions more when they leave office by influence peddling.

When my friends tell me that more government is the solution to solving a particular societal ill, I ask them where are we supposed to get these moral giants?  Everywhere I look in public life it’s filled with same flawed people as in private.  When you dip water from a stagnant pool, you shouldn’t expect it to become pure simply because it was poured into a different vessel.

This troubles me deeply and we must over time, step by step decentralize power moving it back to the people.  We must mitigate the damage that can be done by these incredible narcissists.  Power concentrated, is concentrated evil.


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