Jetpack dream pleasure swirling paper fragments 
Are blowing out of winged convertibles
Hitting potholes on Eisenhower's super highway
Somewhere along childhood's end an accumulated pile
of muttering futurists wait in vain for redemption
I can see them from my smoke filled booth 
In the Googie style coffee house
The waitress lights another Pall Mall
Giving me a red lipped stare
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas 
Meet George Jetson
He failed a drug test and lost his job
Jane left him for a convicted felon
It was medical marijuana, George says, besides 
The world of tomorrow ended long ago
I see it in my restless mind
When I'm high above our rotting cities
Surveying the decline.
I'm going to strap on a jetpack
And blast to another place
Where things are still aquamarine
And women wear pearls and cashmere
I just need to find it first
It's with my flight suit
Maybe in the trunk of my flying car
But that was repoed.

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