This article indicates that the vast majority of converts to Islam in the West are women.   Some people find it counter intuitive that a western woman raised under feminist sensibilities would convert to a religion that in the more traditional practices completely subjugates them.  This doesn’t surprise me in the least for two reasons.  One western men have been feminized through education, the law and state incentives.  Look how many men practically wet themselves discussing much less carrying and using firearms.  Look how many men willingly work in and tolerate the feminized workplace of multi-national corporations like useful idiots.

In defense of men the entire legal system and western culture appear arrayed against them.  Do want to save the life of your unborn child, too bad, it’s a women’s choice.  If she keeps the child you must pay.  Become a step-father and regardless for the reasons that your wife leaves you, you will pay child support.  Traditional masculinity is belittled, insulted and despised.  Television commercials in America overwhelmingly show the father as some incompetent fool who somehow is at least competent enough to pay for the family’s lifestyle.  So reason number one, women want a stallion not a kitty and men of Islam are closer to the ideal.

The second reason is rather straight forward too.  The West has lost faith in nearly everything.  Into this spiritual void comes Islam which offers a systematic way of living, and defined, traditional roles.  Women raised in the vacuum of western civilization are floating in a sea of choices and along comes an ostensibly stable platform in the image of a strong man and his religion.  The attraction is undeniable.  When Christianity becomes nothing but a remnant in the West, it will not be replaced by some sparkling, tolerant, secular Utopia.  It will be replaced by ruthless, cruel, barbarism.  The very practices it ended itself over centuries.


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