Will the Old Lefty Hag Clarify?

Hillary Clinton will announce that Hillary means love to both sexes according to this rumour. I’m quite skeptical but if true there are only two reasons to pursue this line, increased campaign money or increased votes.  For a ruthless politician like her there are no other reasons.  It would also explain why she was so tolerant of her husband’s infidelity.  So if she is married to a man and bi-sexual,  does that mean she has been unfaithful also?  Or was this something she experimented with in college and then no more?  Perhaps it will be like President Clinton’s, “I didn’t inhale”  in this case “I didn’t use my tongue.”  I only write that because in a 2007 interview with the Advocate she denied being a lesbian, which technically does not mean she is purely heterosexual either.


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