Compensation and Business Size

Mathbabe has a post titled When is smaller better in which she examines two articles, one in the Wall Street Journal and one in the New York Times on the subjects of  women CEOs and CEO compensation respectively.  In the article from the Wall Street Journal the author is bemoaning the fact that women owned … Continue reading Compensation and Business Size


Public Declaration of a Simpleton

That education in the West is in decline is painfully obvious as shown by this insult aimed at Justice Scalia: @jpodhoretz @anamariecox There is no question that Scalia is the most brilliant mind of the 7th Century. — LeftWingCracker (@LeftWingCracker) June 26, 2013 Where else but Twitter can one so clearly demonstrate a retarded worldview … Continue reading Public Declaration of a Simpleton

Drinking and driving.  Drugging and dying.  I see two signs:  I don't care. I care too much.  Both lies will meet at the same grave.  Who is going to follow me there? I saw you swinging in your sundress your tans legs aimed at the sky.  You pretend not to see me. I pretend I … Continue reading