Hank 3: The Nature of the Artist

Hank Williams III in an interview shows the nature of a true artist, finding his own way irrespective of outcome.  The true artists, one could say, have outcome independence;  they don’t despise fame or accolades as that is part of human nature but they only welcome it if arrives as result of their faithful expression of art.  Compare his world view and attitude vis-á-vis music in this interview to say Madonna, the quintessential media whore who pursued fame for fame’s sake, a hollow woman of naked ambition — a deliberately constructed persona whose public face is as mendacious as a politician at the start of  a campaign.  Listen to his attitude about the music industry at the 6:13 mark.

When you carry an attitude like that it will be communicated in a way that is unmistakeably authentic.  In this video clip from the documentary The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia Hank plays acoustic guitar while Jesco White tap dances.  Like or despise country music, this is as pure expression of art as you will find, somehow beautiful, happy, a tinge of melancholy and the lyrical subject of self-destruction.  It is a human story inside the story, the relentless desire for expression in a broken world — guitar, voice, dance and the mark of Cain.


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