The Hollow Men

The apex of pathetic:

I’m a stay-at-home dad to twin 4-year-old girls who are already smarter than me, and my wife is a brilliant doctor who kicks ass and saves lives every day. I grew up with big sisters and a mom whose authority was unbreachable. I celebrate every inroad that women make into business, technology, science, politics, comedy, you name it, and I get angry about “slut-shaming” or “stereotype threat” or whatever is the affront du jour. And yet, in the caveman recesses of my imagination, I objectify women in ways that make Hooters look like a breakout session at a NOW conference.

What happened to him?  How could any “man” describe himself in those terms.  Where was his father? He is at war with his most basic nature and I do not hide my contempt.  I understand being a stay at home dad, over time the laws, the rules, the game has been ordered to favour a women’s strengths and that has accelerated the careers of the ambitious.  We moved from providing equal opportunity to a rigged game but the nature of man is to compete either within the system or outside.  The culture has been slowly arrayed against men as a gender. They are the butt of jokes in television commercials and movies.  Women are so frequently portrayed as more competent than men in American culture that women have started to believe and act as if it’s true.  It is no more real than this was and no less annoying.  Why does my family sleep peacefully at night?  Because they know I can persist under adversity if necessary; because I operate calmly under uncertainty and my blood goes cold in emergencies.  I wasn’t born that way.  I was no natural;  I learned it.  The poet and the soldier are at home in the same body.  So if I ever start to write like the demi-man above,  you will know Holden has lost his mind and you will need to call in this guy.


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