Road to Oblivion: Special Operations Edition

So they will allow women a shot at both Ranger School and Navy Seal Training in the coming years.  The war against reality continues unabated.  There are physical, and psychological reasons women have been used in combat only as a last resort.  This will not stop the equalists.  The means must obliterate the end.

The military services have mapped out a schedule that also will include reviewing and possibly changing the physical and mental standards that men and women will have to meet in order to qualify for certain infantry, armor, commando and other front-line positions across the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines (emphasis added). Under the plans to be introduced Tuesday, there would be one common standard for men and women for each job.

I hope they do not lower the standards.  This will represent a disaster for what it means to be Seal trained or Ranger trained.  A spec ops medic used to say to female airborne that they should have to wear their wings upside down or half a wing because they were awarded jump wings with lower physical standards than the men.  Perhaps we should eliminate the gender differences in all sports.  Let everyone compete on an equal field.  The consequences are lower there than in combat.

The move follows revelations of a startling number of sexual assaults in the armed forces. Earlier this year, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said the sexual assaults might be linked to the longstanding ban on women serving in combat because the disparity between the roles of men and women creates separate classes of personnel — male “warriors” versus the rest of the force.

Oh that’s part of the reason, Sir, a role disparity in the military.  Once women serve in combat then sexual harassment and assault will just disappear because respect will sky rocket and the criminal elements who exist in every line battalion will recognize the error of their ways.  Then right after that, the first female Ranger School graduate will lead the final assault on all of America’s enemies from the the top secret base on gumdrop island.  She will lead the empowered female rangers in a stunning victory after crossing of the rainbow bridge on the mighty all terrain unicorn.  Yea, it could happen.

The order Panetta and Dempsey signed prohibits physical standards from being lowered simply to allow women to qualify for jobs closer to the battlefront. But the services are methodically reviewing and revising the standards for many jobs, including strength and stamina, in order to set minimum requirements for troops to meet regardless of their sex.

Who wants to bet that after their methodical review they will say, “What were we thinking?  Our standards were too high, these new standards, while lower are the right ones.”   These people are insane.


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