Unscrupulous Hacks

Why do these weasels keep getting elected?  I guess what Vox Day says is true.  Perhaps most people are idiots.  All the more reason to shrink the central government.  How many homosexuals will continue to vote for this murder’s row of slime balls.  Everyone who did last time I will bet.  These politicians have no honor, of course, some of them would think that compliment.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act “a great, historic day for equality in America.”

He went on: “The idea that allowing two loving, committed people to marry would have a negative impact on anyone else, or on our nation as a whole, has always struck me as absurd.”

Pretty strong words from a guy who voted for the Defense of Marriage Act.

But Reid isn’t the only one. There was a long line of prominent Democrats Wednesday who all queued up to applaud the Supreme Court for striking down DOMA — even though they voted for it when it passed in 1996.

Even Bill Clinton — who signed the bill into law — heralded the court’s decision.


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