Driven to Guilt

When you lack a coherent humanist philosophy or possess an inadequate education or a thorough instruction in religion, you are knocked around by your emotions and write editorials like this full of clichés and hackneyed phrases. The editorial is a rich vein of hidden assumptions concerning the nature of man, the role of the wealthy … Continue reading Driven to Guilt


Malleability of Memory

Neuroscientists say one can "repair" bad memories.  I resolved this question for myself (literally not as a generalization) via self-experimentation back in the 80's after I stumbled across techniques from NLP.  Working ordinary memories and altering the visual representation of them I was able to alter the emotional response to them.

Using GPU’s for supercomputing

There is a new program language, Harlan that purportedly makes it easier to use graphic processing units to turn hardware into a reasonably priced supercomputer.  GPUs have been used for some time to crack password hashes and run large neural networks. CPUs and GPUs are both important for modern computing, with each being better suited … Continue reading Using GPU’s for supercomputing