Forward to the Past

This article reminded me of the time I was riding a bus in Pretoria near the end of Apartheid.  I struck up a conversation with a local businessman, a white Afrikaner.  At the end of his conversation he said, “When you go back to America, tell them we’re not monsters.”  I just couldn’t do it.  The way black South Africans were treated was wrong.  When the peaceful change to power occurred, the black South Africans were given the strongest economy in Africa and a stable country.  What have they done with their inheritance?  They are running it into the ground and waging unplanned genocide on the remaining whites.  These are the acts of individuals who can justify their behaviour in terms of revenge for apartheid.  On the aggregate the results are same.  They will eventually rid Africa of whites but what they can’t do and never did do is build a civilization worth living in.  In time, when last remnants of European Christian culture have been cleansed from South Africa, they will be like Zimbabwe scarcely able to feed themselves.  If I was a white South African, I and my family would be gone already.  Why wait for the butchers, the rapists and those powered by hate to show up at your door?


2 thoughts on “Forward to the Past

  1. Mmmh, hitting that “like” button here would most likely get me crucified in the City Press just the way people get publicly scolded for any emotional tweet about some injustice done to them …
    Something you might not find in any other nation: standing in the cue at a respectable clothing store, being told in a conversational tone by the saleslady that of course, a thief deserves to be necklaced …
    Well I do disagree about the African future. Number 1: Since when is it a crime to educate yourself, find unused space, build a farm, create value and a life … it’s been done all over the world. South Africa alone could provide food for the whole nation of Africa. Needs a mindset-change, though: Don’t guilt people for being smart as if it’s a crime, don’t put people who didn’t make 6th grade into office because they have a darker tan. qualification gets the position. Period. I believe so strong in education it almost hurts. Result: A South Africa so rich, free and bounty-full that it will be a safe heaven once the USA took over the rest of the world with their martial-law supremacy ideology of spying on each and everybody on the globe … How the ignorant are flocking to feed their whereabouts into 4square and klout and the likes amazes me. One day they’ll all wish they had a farm in Africa. Just saying. 🙂

  2. If the US is going to be accused of acting like Rome, I would like some tribute 🙂 Even in my family, who are pretty hawkish, they are sick of the endless interventions always falsely justified in terms of American interest, human rights or pick anything you want. The US government no longer represents ate least half the population of the United States. That is a bad sign going forward. Regarding South Africa, democracies are eventually dominated by Santa Claus parties because that’s how you get elected. Promise the world, and vilify the opposition. I think it will be many generations before things improve in South Africa and at least for the short term, things will get worse. It was a thousand years before Christian culture civilized Europe. How many people in the RSA still rely on medical folklore for healing? A little over ten years ago witch doctors spread the idea that sex with a virgin could cure aids. Would an idea like that have any traction in China, Europe or the Americas? So perhaps my ancestors will wish they had a farm there but I doubt I will. I can’t say that with any certainty; it is impossible to forecast rapid social change.

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