Income Inequality Global Look

There is a post at  Zero Hedge that shows the current levels of income inequality world wide.  It is not typically what one would expect to find in competitive markets.  It is what one would expect to find in a rigged game.  There is a downside to rigging a game and that is eventually people stop playing, reality sets in and the whole thing collapses.  Nearly every period of asset inflation spurred on by government manipulation ended badly.  This will too.  It’s inevitable.  Now, I find nothing inherently wrong with inequality.  It’s how you arrive that counts.  I am not upset that some can run faster than me or are smarter.  What annoys me is when people are permitted to avoid the consequences of their actions via state intervention whether that is using welfare money for drugs or the financial industry bail outs.  It bothers me when people use the state to block competition and politicians help rich friends establish near monopolies.  Life is not fair and it never will be.

Note that in the video he sites the UN as a reliable source.  It is not.  They have a long record of numeric manipulation to drive their policy initiatives.  The UN is  one massive fraud at worst and a colossal waste of money at best.  One need only look at the climate change committee reports for recent examples.

One final note, the richest are rarely the same people year after year.  You can almost measure the health of an economy by how many move up and how many move down.  When the richest are not dethroned across generations you have a sick system.


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