The artist
Taste of despair
in his mouth flavors all
but he hides it
He believes in worlds 
Others cannot imagine
Sees patterns and conspiracies
Where others see only noise.
The gimlet eye
penetrates deep into higher planes
of consciousness
But he cannot live there
He wants the secret code
that helps him break free
to experience the inner light
of profound understanding
Its sacred geometry,
music, art, poetry
and disappointment.

Wal-Mart’s Business Model vs Costco, Trader Joe’s & Quiktrip

Megan McArdle, (not my favorite writer mostly because she overestimates her own intelligence) has a very strong article at bloomberg.

If you want Wal-Mart to have a labor force like Trader Joe’s and Costco, you probably want them to have a business model like Trader Joe’s and Costco — which is to say that you want them to have a customer demographic like Trader Joe’s and Costco. Obviously if you belong to that demographic — which is to say, if you’re a policy analyst, or a magazine writer — then this sounds like a splendid idea. To Wal-Mart’s actual customer base, however, it might sound like “take your business somewhere else.”

Target demographics matter to business models just not to those who never started a business or are too dull to think.

How long into the future
do concerns travel
their suitcases full with cause
a steady eye on their destination
before they stop
unpack their worries
and rest.
What have they saved 
across their projection in time
endangered species, works of art
science, technology, the planet?

It is noble to care for 
the generations hence
born to live
and die in
a world one will never see.
But where the journey ends
Mine has continued
Nor will it ever end
For the soul
The beautiful soul
of mankind is my concern
Determined in its beginning
eternal in its existence
seeking, suffering, enduring
the final change
where change disappears
and its dependent time
And there are but those
whom exist before you,
ancestors, angels and God.

The soul of any man, women
or child Is more valuable than
The entire universe 
A universe slowly spinning down
A universe disappearing subtly
Outside our conscience awareness
One day gone for good and judged.

Stop Killing Yourself

If you work for a major corporation and you working extended hours, which has been called “volunteer time”  this article at CNN should convince you, you’re working too hard and in vain.  It also explains rising inequality.  It’s the primary reason I left corporate America five years ago.  I just wasn’t seeing the reward for the long hours I worked.  A minimal bonus for 3:30 AM global conference calls, fourteen hour days and extended international travel.  I could have been short sighted but I am happier spending time with family and I make a little more.  Corporations used to talk about “quality of life’ for employees back in the ’80s (hypocritically really);  I suppose the goal today is “quality, no life.”  How do you sleep at night knowing you are stealing from your employees the most limited commodity on the earth, time.  Perhaps, one should engage in a work slow down aka, working a regular day.

Companies are on a tear in terms of productivity and profits, but they aren’t sharing much of the gains with their workers.

The landscape of memories are melting
Would there be time without change?
Or  change if nothing endured it?
The things that endure across time
persist like memories of love
They are free, ungrounded
Passing like butterflies
on a drowsy afternoon


The world is populated with people who are more concerned about what others are doing than what is going on in their own families.  They are known as a busybody, meddler, marplot, buttinsky, nosy parker, yenta, snoop etc., you get the point.  A certain class of these people will also imagine that they are smarter than everyone else; they will have some evidence which demonstrates they are smart in a particular context.  It could be because they have risen to a high level professionally, academically or financially. “I have PhD, I’m smart”, “I’m a vice-president of sales, I’m smart”, “I founded mega-company, I’m smart.”  And it could well be true that they are smart, but it is equally possible that they are smart only in their particular domain of expertise and once they cross outside they become blithering idiots because the assumptions that worked so well in their domain do not work outside it.  Nevertheless, they feel supremely confident of their opinions and having been successful in one endeavor they imagine they can do whatever they set their minds to whether or not the goal has ever been accomplished before.  You will hear, “the right people haven’t done it.”  The classic example is the idiot who still believes in socialism or communism owing to a persistent utopian stupor of their feeble mind.

These busybodies who imagine themselves your superior are drawn to both money and power as tools to rid the world of some perceived social ill, for example, the desire to drink alcohol, smoke, use drugs, eat junk food, live in poverty  or even entire categories like income inequality.  They love to proscribe.  They love to control the behaviour of people and tell them how to live.  They are expert mind readers sniffing out vestiges of racism, bigotry, misogyny, sub-text, motives and like, all the while maintaining the purest motives themselves.  They tend to feel guilty for their success and see the world as a single pot of limited resources which must be divided properly (by them and their allies of course.) In most cases they will exempt themselves from the planned depredation.  In order for the lumpen proletariat, the plebes, everyman, commoners, to drink deep of the cup of utopian goodness they must control us by seizing our property and our liberty, using laws and regulations as blunt instruments to harass us and consume our lives, providing thin justifications like, “it’s only fair.”  For more than 100 years in America the progressives (whose big ideas had been tried again and again throughout history and failed, i.e. Plato’s Republic, More’s Utopia) have pushed for socialized medicine. Finally, they passed step one with the farcically named bill the “The Affordable Care Act” whose sole purpose appears to be drive everyone into fully socialized medicine.  For the busybody the act is a dream come true.  The masterminds have prevailed. It won’t be long before they will start their home visiting program.  They must prioritize because policing 300M people is impossible.  So who are these high risk people they will visit investigate?  According the health and human services they are as follows:

  • Family in high needs communities as identified by the state
  • The poor
  • Families with tobacco in the home
  • Former members of the armed forces
  • Pregnant females under 21
  • People who have had interactions with child services or charge with child abuse/neglect
  • History of substance abuse or need substance abuse treatment
  • Have children with low student achievement
  • Have children with disabilities

It’s sufficiently general enough to target anyone they wish.  It’s okay because the masterminds are in charge and they have it all figured out. Unless you’re doing something wrong, like chewing tobacco, you have nothing to fear, right?