Renunciation & Separation

As long as things continue in the US as they are, especially in light of the IRS, NSA scandals, the intrusive, massive surveillance programs, and increasing taxes more people will renounce their citizenship as noted here. People want to be free and remain free. Frankly, I don’t want the government to protect me against low odds at all costs. I am far more likely to be hurt by a large multi-national corporation’s defective product than killed by a terrorist, more likely to die in car wreck, from a bee sting or struck by lightning. And even with this massive program they were unable to prevent what happened to Boston. Your billions in taxes don’t buy you much.  However, a health amount of personal wealth can purchase you an exit plan.

It should be unquestioned at this point that the Federal Reserve Banking system is a massive failure, that Congress and the President are disconnected from reality.  I am betting on reality, though and of course, pain. Perhaps, I should be betting on Russia as the depressingly named “Economic Collapse Blog” notes.

Then there is this.


One thought on “Renunciation & Separation

  1. It only took a little over a third of the voting age population in two elections to allow the current Admin. to make the massive changes that they have done. One more election and it’s over for the U.S. and there will be no turning back.
    Good Post, good luck.

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