Stop Killing Yourself

If you work for a major corporation and you working extended hours, which has been called “volunteer time”  this article at CNN should convince you, you’re working too hard and in vain.  It also explains rising inequality.  It’s the primary reason I left corporate America five years ago.  I just wasn’t seeing the reward for the long hours I worked.  A minimal bonus for 3:30 AM global conference calls, fourteen hour days and extended international travel.  I could have been short sighted but I am happier spending time with family and I make a little more.  Corporations used to talk about “quality of life’ for employees back in the ’80s (hypocritically really);  I suppose the goal today is “quality, no life.”  How do you sleep at night knowing you are stealing from your employees the most limited commodity on the earth, time.  Perhaps, one should engage in a work slow down aka, working a regular day.

Companies are on a tear in terms of productivity and profits, but they aren’t sharing much of the gains with their workers.


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