How long into the future
do concerns travel
their suitcases full with cause
a steady eye on their destination
before they stop
unpack their worries
and rest.
What have they saved 
across their projection in time
endangered species, works of art
science, technology, the planet?

It is noble to care for 
the generations hence
born to live
and die in
a world one will never see.
But where the journey ends
Mine has continued
Nor will it ever end
For the soul
The beautiful soul
of mankind is my concern
Determined in its beginning
eternal in its existence
seeking, suffering, enduring
the final change
where change disappears
and its dependent time
And there are but those
whom exist before you,
ancestors, angels and God.

The soul of any man, women
or child Is more valuable than
The entire universe 
A universe slowly spinning down
A universe disappearing subtly
Outside our conscience awareness
One day gone for good and judged.

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