Risk and mental imagery

When I think of  a weapon like a handgun or a rifle, I picture shooting targets, hunting and self defense.  When some of my pro gun-control friends think of weapons they think, suicide, Columbine, and a six year old accidentally shooting a sibling.  Now the latter are fairly rare albeit dramatic events.  If this same … Continue reading Risk and mental imagery


Human Nature and Ancient Law

135. If a man has been taken captive, but there was no maintenance in his house for his wife, and she has entered into the house of another, and has borne him children, if in the future her [first] husband shall return and regain his city, that woman shall return to her first husband, but … Continue reading Human Nature and Ancient Law

Demons swimming in currents of thoughts turn in the false light their twisted faces smiling. Swirling in the vortex Wrapped around a spool of misery dark returns A depredation, hollow Oppressive Coruscating despair intermittent followed Travelled ten thousand miles to escape the haunting Prayed for redemption found again tortured One day unremarkable realizing who made … Continue reading