Enemies of the Common Man

We now have in charge the worst corporate leadership in the history of the United States as Byron York reports:

Companies lay off thousands, then demand immigration reform for new labor

They are by any measure simply a reflection of the rapid decline in Western civilization.  What this article shows is that to ascend to the highest levels of a multi-national only requires political acumen superior to your equals at any given level.  It does not require an ability to reason ethically, or act morally from first principles.  Consider this one more data point supporting the observation that the bigger an institution gets the more corrupt it becomes.

Is this not like the child who kills his parents and then solicits sympathy for being an orphan?  I am glad they put their name on the letter.  I will avoid doing additional business with these companies and where possible switch. Realize that they are complaining about a need to increase “global competitiveness” at time when corporate profits and executive compensation are at historic highs.  Now I am not some naïf.  Businesses are not public charities; their primary mission is to return a profit to their shareholders according to the case won by the Dodge brothers.  I understand. However, it is not the only  view of the corporate mission.  I also know in a free market, behaviour like this would lead to economic consequences and eventual elimination by innovators.  In the US today with all the cooperation between the state and corporations the chance of that happening is quite low.

Do we need immigration reform in the US?  Indeed we do but not the bill before Congress which does nothing but screw the average American for the benefit of big corporations while rewarding people who knowingly entered the country illegally.


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