A Fading Horse

Alphaville in their 80’s song Forever Young, wrote, “It’s so hard to get old without a cause. I don’t want to perish like a fading horse.”  And so for some any cause whatsoever is suitable.

Let’s examine just one case, the organization Femen. They refer to themselves as “sextremists,” whatever that means. The organization is a fountain of philosophical incoherence, feminist buzzwords, Marxist sloganeering and fulfillment of 19th century stereotypes of women as prone to hysteria.   They only reason they have received any attention at all is their proclivity to bare all in protest; but it is hardly shocking and as Brian Eno has pointed out, the only thing shocking anymore is beauty.  Let’s look at some of their inconsistencies:

They support “my body my choice” except for prostitution in which case they are helpless victims of patriarchy except that they are equal to men!

“There is NOTHING holy or good about FORCING a woman to become a mother against her will .”  One supposes that abortion is their sacrament.  Death to Unborn at the hour of my choosing!  The only thing that matters is me.

“Crosses to the dustbin of history!”  They despise Christianity, Islam and all major forms of religion except one and that would be feminism.  It is not surprising that many feminists are atheists since they are simply substituting ideology for religion.

FEMEN protests “against exploitative fashion industry with its beauty standards”  while appearing in fashionable outfits and wearing the fashion of the day along with featuring photographs of their most attractive members on their web site.

“This is a rape of our free will.”  In this case they are again attacking organized religion, particularly Christianity.  If they are atheists, then by materialism, there can be no free will.  As a meat machine your every act can be predicted with sufficient information.

“Stop financial cuts, invest in women!”  We are free and equal to men but we need the state to reach in the pocket of free people take their money and redistribute it for our causes. Self sufficiency is for suckers.

In the end these are women without a center seeking any cause.  They are not feminine;  they seek only to be men.  They live by the “unreality principle” coined by John C. Wright: “reality is bad and unreality is good, therefore unreality is real.”  Quoting him:

The unreality principle is a principal of despair. Despair is the default state of pagan man. It can take the form of grim stoicism, which vows to endure all suffering through self-reliant self-discipline; it can take the form of hedonism, which fiddles while Rome burns, and resents any imposition on its self indulgence fornications and abominations; it can take the form of Buddhist resignation to the world and the self as deceits, and escape promised only in the serene non-being of Nirvana; it can take the form of Confucian pragmatism, which concentrates on maintaining the social order, and does not fret about deeper questions of the origins of the universe or the meaning of life.

Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote: “Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.”


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