The Inevitable Conclusion

Chavez came to power an ardent socialist, a firm believer in “social justice”.  At the time of his death his family were billionaires and the economy in a complete shambles.  The country is on the road to Zimbabwe with the most recent actions.  The mind of the nazi, the socialist, the communist, the progressive, the left liberal etc is in opposition to reality.  Their thinking is magical and people are judged on their intentions not their results.  The results focus of the West lead to the highest expression of human civilization ever.  But for whatever bizarre, strange, pathological reasons some minds reject it and blame it for all the ills in the world.  As if poverty was a by product of Western Civilization and not the default state of man.  Venezuela is returning to this default state while those leaders who destroy freedom and the economy discover a new enemy to blame it on never taking responsibility for their own actions.

The prolific Mish Shedlock has a nice timeline of the demise of Venezuela here.


The Crime of Being a Boy

When I was in elementary school corporal punishment was still tolerated.   Boys who got into fights or who were continually disruptive faced the paddle.  These days we take normal male behaviour, declare it to be a pathology and drug them into a stupor for the remainder of their school daze.  According to this article in Psychology Today, we classify more students as ADHD than they do in France.  They don’t, however, reach for the pill bottle.

French child psychiatrists, on the other hand, view ADHD as a medical condition that has psycho-social and situational causes. Instead of treating children’s focusing and behavioral problems with drugs, French doctors prefer to look for the underlying issue that is causing the child distress—not in the child’s brain but in the child’s social context. They then choose to treat the underlying social context problem with psychotherapy or family counseling. This is a very different way of seeing things from the American tendency to attribute all symptoms to a biological dysfunction such as a chemical imbalance in the child’s brain.

We ended corporal punishment in school because it was considered ineffective and abuse.  We have replaced it with chemical abuse whose long term consequences are unknown but I can’t help but think of school shootings and suicides.  These drugs will alter a person’s brain chemistry for life.  When they told me I should drug my oldest son because he was a class clown I told them to kick rocks.  I addressed it at home and taught him to regulate his own behaviour.  The mind that made him an outstanding athlete made it difficult for him to be an obedient, passive, sit still in your chair student the women educators so desperately craved.

The Dream of Regeneration

This research looks very promising as reported at Scientific American:

In the course of his cancer research George Daley of Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School was trying to clip holes in the ears of genetically engineered mice so he could tell them apart when, surprisingly, the wounds kept healing. Then he tried a backup identification technique—clipping off the tips of their toes—but the toes regrew. Daley and his colleagues also waxed the backs of the mice and were shocked to find that the fur rapidly grew back. These lab mice had been genetically engineered so that Lin28a remained switched on rather than shutting down after birth, apparently giving the mice supergrowth abilities. “We knew [Lin28a] could reprogram cells back to embryoniclike stem cells but we made this other discovery largely by accident,” says Daley, whose team’s findings were published in the November 7 issue of Cell. The team found they could replicate the healing abilities of the engineered mice by giving nongenetically altered ones drugs that help activate certain metabolic processes—the same pathway Lin28a stimulates—revving up and energizing cells as if they were much younger.

I think of all the soldiers injured the last ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Perhaps this gives hope that they may one day be whole again.