Here Comes Polygamy

We have a court decision in Utah that throws out the ban on polygamous cohabitation (but not bigamy that is a result of deception) based on the similar court case wherein the Supreme Court stated that it was unconstitutional for a federal law to define marriage as being exclusively between a man and a woman.  … Continue reading Here Comes Polygamy


From emotion music From music emotion From emotion poetry poetry of emotion emotion of music Music and words They are lovers Wandering hand in hand Living and dying in the emotive mesh of our lives

Road to Oblivion: Marine Edition

It is not surprising that the Marine Corps are postponing the 3 pull-up minimum for female recruits.  This is in keeping with Wright's Unreality Principle. The three pullups is already the minimum required for all male Marines. Now the Marine Corps has postponed the plan, and that's raising questions about whether women have the physical … Continue reading Road to Oblivion: Marine Edition

You hide your crazy in deep places Until circumstances come and dig it out like badgers looking for prairie dogs And as you have aged Your strolls down memory lane Became athletic events Dodging the bad memories Look You still want affection Everyone knows that They’re just too busy Seeking their own. The nurse will … Continue reading