cloud of the unknowing 
false harmony unwinding
the separation of body, soul,
3 degrees distance
Feelings fade
There's God
There's man 
the one does not join to the other
the One is incommensurable 
and the other flawed
a sick soul drawn to ugliness
and self loathing but
selfhood cannot be lost, denied, unwound
the mind informs and deceives
truth conforms to reality and yet
The emotions cannot be fully trusted
too oft mere
engines of despair
what have we really learned
that wasn’t known before?
that wasn’t revealed by revelation
Or observed?
in existence before our birth
no harvest of truth in a field of lies
the lies bend reality
even when the words deny
can you perceive the precious
surrounded by the dross?
and still
no matter how broken
every single life
is worth saving.

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