Affordable Care Act Implementation Woes

I have not written on this up until now and this article is rather old but realize that they are just now getting the front end, that is the easy part stable. I haven’t seen in my lifetime a IT debacle this big this expensive.  Here are some quotes from the NY Times I found unsuprising.

“Cut corners, make date,” said one specialist, who like most of the people interviewed for this article would not allow his name to be used because the Obama administration has requested that all government officials and contractors involved keep their work confidential.


As a result, the president’s signature initiative was effectively left under the day-to-day management of Henry Chao, a 19-year veteran of the Medicare agency with little clout and little formal background in computer science.

Medicare chose to use a NoSQL approach (a fad), which means the back end system may never function with any assurance of accuracy.  The whole NoSQL fad is costing IT a fortune because of fundamental ignorance in computer science.  These approaches were tried and mostly abandoned back in the ’70’s.