Road to Oblivion: Marine Edition

It is not surprising that the Marine Corps are postponing the 3 pull-up minimum for female recruits.  This is in keeping with Wright’s Unreality Principle.

The three pullups is already the minimum required for all male Marines. Now the Marine Corps has postponed the plan, and that’s raising questions about whether women have the physical strength to handle ground combat, which they’ll be allowed to do beginning in 2016.

The fact is women can work their way up to 10 pullups by training.  If three is the minimum it should be the minimum.  There should be no difference in standards for men and women for any job in the military period.

They said they delayed the pullup requirement to avoid losing not only recruits but also current female Marines who can’t pass the test.

Making your affirmative action numbers is a higher value than physical standards.  What next will they change their motto?  It makes me grind my teeth to think they will be putting women into combat and placing other men’s lives at risk for their social experiments.  I can predict with 100% accuracy that they will propagandize the performance of women in combat the way they have for early female fighter pilots who came in under lower standards.  Realize that flying a jet requires less physical strength than ground combat (at least until you lose hydraulics or your engine) and with respect to flying women have advantages over men, e.g., able to withstand higher g forces.

When I was in, there were still quite a few Vietnam vets on active duty.  In situations of close quarters combat, the smaller Vietnamese men were no match for the bigger, stronger, faster, Americans.   We should not sacrifice combat effectiveness for career enhancement.


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