The Ignominious War on Poverty 50th Anniversary

Who can forget that Texas fraud Lyndon Baines Johnson?  He was as corrupt a politician as could be found in DC, making Richard Nixon look positively virtuous.  He became the worst president in American history since Roosevelt.  Both of them made Utopian plans as only a politician can, smug and self-satisfied that with enough political will, money and power they could overcome material reality and human intransigence.  Listen to this sound clip below and ask yourself how is this promise, fifty years ago, any different than the utopian promises of today?

Of course , this is wasted on true believers.  If you point out the utter failure, the contemptible waste of resources, they will always tell you, the right people haven’t done it yet, it was a success really or it failed because of saboteurs from the opposition.  It’s an endless loop that each new generation plays.  Promise Utopia:Fail:Reframe:Blame:Repeat.  The only thing they accomplish is loss of liberty and freedom.


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