Reducing Inequality

There is an article at the Atlantic citing a study on how  self-selection among the affluent for marriage has increased inequality by 25%.  Since progressives despise rising inequality and applying the logic they have used in other areas, the following approaches could be used to stem this tide.

  1. Ban women from attending college.
  2. Only permit unmarried women to work.
  3. The Federal government will arrange your marriage and to keep it fair, it will disregard, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  4. You can marry whom you want but if you marry someone also affluent you will be taxed at a higher rate for the duration of the marriage.

Changing culture to rectify perceived wrongs will always spawn adverse consequences.  Culture in simplistic terms is like a fluid filled bag; push too hard inside on one wall the other side collapses. But unlike the fluid filled bag, it’s not a simple cause and effect.  The collapse may take generations to occur and it may happen in areas you didn’t expect.


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