The Rule of Law is Dead

There are now so many arbitrary decisions by the Supreme Court with no basis in the Constitution, arbitrary and ambiguous laws passed by Congress, laws are arbitrarily enforced by the Executive branch, and thousands of lines of politically motivated regulation, who among us can abide by, respect or follow the law anymore? There is so much corruption and incompetence in the Federal government, they have lost all moral authority to lead and govern.

Most of us are committing felonies daily outside our conscious awareness.  Remember ignorance of the law is no excuse unless you are on the correct team or it’s your buddy in the prosecutor’s office.  There is little to no federalism remaining.  Consider how many leftist groups seek to impose their retarded and blighted world view upon everyone.  They are not willing to leave anyone in peace. This world view has destroyed countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe, ruined cities like Detroit, and created massive inequality in States like California, New York and Maryland.

If the frustration grows too high it will spill over into violence.  In other cases people will obey the laws they like — just like the President enforces the ones he likes.  All of it portends an end to the United States.  In less than 100 years, if this direction continues, it is finished as country.