Holden (hentfield@gmail.com) is a fictional character created by a fictional character interacting with the real world.  He blurs the someplacedistinction between reality and art.  There are a lot of stories people tell themselves and others about how the world works, and why it works the way it does.  Mankind lies to itself subtly every day.  The past is not real; daily, humanity alters their perception of it to reflect their current thinking.  A person’s life is an evolving set of periodic white lies mixed in with the truth.  The more you want to impress, the more you want to please, the more dramatic the lies become.  Holden is a pretense.  He posts comments to other web blogs; he writes opinions about culture and politics.  You the reader know he is a crafted lie so you will evaluate his opinions as statements in and of themselves.  You should connect to the art not the artist and likewise evaluate the statement not Holden.  You will not form an attachment ever to Holden; anything he writes stands on its own.  If you hate an opinion because you find it odious, offensive, cruel, you can say its just entertainment.  If you love an opinion you can say it’s truth but in the end it is really like Plato said about books, paraphrasing, an immortal son defying his sire.  Any resemblance  of Holden to the author is also fiction and a useless one at that.


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