Brief Contemplation on the Nature of Evil

My years while limited have seen it's share of evil both face to face and from a far.  When people think of evil they tend to think of dramatic behaviour, mass murders, ruthless killers and the like.  But evil while it can be dramatic also occurs in ordinary ways.  There is mundane evil, whose destructiveness … Continue reading Brief Contemplation on the Nature of Evil


Logical Substitutions Relationship Edition

Which quote below is a myth busting reasoned defense and which one is a hideous attempt to normalize the profane and immoral. "But above all, polyamory is less about sex specifically but rather pursuing relationships with multiple partners. While there's no one way to be polyamorous, as the Atlantic points out, these relationships are often … Continue reading Logical Substitutions Relationship Edition

Road to Oblivion: Marine Edition

It is not surprising that the Marine Corps are postponing the 3 pull-up minimum for female recruits.  This is in keeping with Wright's Unreality Principle. The three pullups is already the minimum required for all male Marines. Now the Marine Corps has postponed the plan, and that's raising questions about whether women have the physical … Continue reading Road to Oblivion: Marine Edition