Reducing Inequality

There is an article at the Atlantic citing a study on how  self-selection among the affluent for marriage has increased inequality by 25%.  Since progressives despise rising inequality and applying the logic they have used in other areas, the following approaches could be used to stem this tide.

  1. Ban women from attending college.
  2. Only permit unmarried women to work.
  3. The Federal government will arrange your marriage and to keep it fair, it will disregard, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  4. You can marry whom you want but if you marry someone also affluent you will be taxed at a higher rate for the duration of the marriage.

Changing culture to rectify perceived wrongs will always spawn adverse consequences.  Culture in simplistic terms is like a fluid filled bag; push too hard inside on one wall the other side collapses. But unlike the fluid filled bag, it’s not a simple cause and effect.  The collapse may take generations to occur and it may happen in areas you didn’t expect.



Things that are most likely related.  You can look at this two ways on the corporate profit side.  One is that supply side approaches don’t work enslaving the poor or government spending crowds out private investment sucking the life out of the economy.  Under that scenario the rich get richer and poor get poorer because the rich face a paucity of new competition and they are reluctant to hire new employees.

The Amateur Expects Nothing

It appears to be difficult to collect a decent royalty these days especially from Pandora.  Of course, Pandora thinks they pay too much and like all corporate toads have gone to Congress with their hat in hand and their million dollar lobbyist to request a special law that benefits them.  Why won’t these companies just compete?  It’s supposed to be a free market, not a rigged game.

Now most poets are true amateurs.  They have no expectation of any royalties or compensation.  The write because they enjoy it; they write because they can’t suppress it.  Poetry, like all arts, is a winner take all market with a couple of well known people pulling in the majority of the money.  They are not really better than many other poets, they are just lucky.  But if you are one of those fortunate individuals don’t you believe it.


Editorial in the Times of India blog.  This will impact the bottomline of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft et. al.  Large organizations are by their very nature fragile and vulnerable to shocks.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that people will question why they are using the services of a company who so willingly cooperates with a state to spy on them.  Even if the whole thing is completely overblown, “the appearance of impropriety is sufficient” as the Victorians said.

These are the companies that gave the impression that they often put, or at least try to put, ethical and moral considerations above the absolute legal requirements they may have to follow. They have always maintained that they do the right thing.

It hurts to be naïve and idealistic.  This scandal will not stop the building of this and I expect it will only slow down their surveillance.