Freedom, Truth, Intelligence & Information

In this wide ranging post Richard Fernandez one of the deeper thinking Bloggers out there looks at the relationship between freedom, truth intelligence and information.   He posits that absent freedom, there can be no discovery, and hence no intelligence. But to really learn you have to be prepared to listen to what you don’t want … Continue reading Freedom, Truth, Intelligence & Information


Rules, Principles & Virtue

Consider that whenever we have a massive failure in a business industry like the .com era, real estate or banking we usually wind up with more regulation and more rules.  Rules are expensive to comply with.  Most compliance efforts are "letter of the law" not the spirit.  Before, during and after the rule process there … Continue reading Rules, Principles & Virtue

Sociology Linked to Delusion and Fraud

That sociology is to science what quackery is to medicine should come as no surprise.  Here is one  data point in what has become all too common from both sides of the political spectrum (although I will say it appears more from the left simply because they dominate academia and especially the social sciences.)  I … Continue reading Sociology Linked to Delusion and Fraud

You’re Going to Hell?

Over at Opinionated Man he has a brief comment about those telling you you are going to hell and their own certainty.  I commented and he politely replied.  I know exactly what he is talking about. I once ran into a 19 year old "street preacher" on a university campus, shouting "you fornicators, you generation of … Continue reading You’re Going to Hell?